Yesterday was my first FULL day of work in a month. A MONTH! Wild.

Up until this point I was doing half days, which was a great way to ease back into my normal routine of work. It’s hard not to have a daily routine with a 9-5 job (or in my case before 8am to around 5:30pm job).

Typically I wake up around 6am and get dressed and ready for the day with some breakfast and blogging.

I work all day in an office that is incredibly fast-paced and where tasks change minute to minute, so by the time the clock rounds 5pm I am ready to head home. I used to go for a run or the gym but now, once I reach my apartment, I cook some sort of dinner and put my feet up.

Then I cuddle with this one 🙂

It feels good to have a bit of normalcy back in my life even though I still can’t walk. And while work is still stressful and exhausting  It feels good to be part of the working world again.

Do you have a routine?

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