No Pain No Gain

Since Monday’s PT session I have done my glute, quad and hamstring exercises several times. And while some moves can be quite uncomfortable, already a handful are much more manageable and it’s easier to move my legs in certain directions.

All of this extra exercising made me quite hungry at work yesterday and without a proper variety of snacks, I was forced to eat a Luna bar and then some. I normally keep edamame, nut butters and other healthy noshes at my desk, but since my absence I haven’t had a chance to restock all of the goodies. So Luna bars were the nourishment of the day.

(mommy and baby Luna bars)

Because we were all out of food we made a quick detour to Whole Foods on the way home after work, where we picked up some cider and salad for dinner.

As usual Thursday felt like Friday, so I am glad today really is the last day of the work week and I can relax and enjoy the weekend in a matter of hours.

What do you normally snack on at work to get you through till the end of the day?

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