Ladies on the Town

Since my mom has been in town the two of us have gotten a lot of important things done: cleaning the apartment, working on my transportation options, getting new furniture and basically taking care of business.

So Sunday was a day of treating ourselves for all the hard work we have done.

I took my mom out to one of my favorite brunch places – Dipsea.

We sat outside and enjoyed the warm air and the delicious food.

Later we meandered back to my neck of the woods to walk around and shop. I live near tons of little boutiques so we spent the afternoon checking out the stores and enjoying the people watching.

By the late afternoon it was time for a break and a cookie was needed for vital shopping fuel .

Eventually we made it back to my apartment where I collapsed. I had gone swimming in the morning and all of the walking/crutching during the afternoon had done me in.

Let’s just say I slept well and once again I am shocked that it is Monday.

Can’t wait for the three day weekend!

What are you looking forward to?

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