Enjoying the Ride Home

Let’s just say it was a long Monday, but it made the ride home that much more enjoyable. By the time I got in my car it was a few minutes after 6:30 pm. But I was happy to do so in my new ride:

Yup – I now own an adorable little Fiat 500 pop!

Before I was driving my boyfriend’s Toyota Forerunner and it felt like a boat. I was so uncomfortable driving it – being a passenger on the other hand was incredibly comfortable 😉

It felt great to just hop in the car after work and let the stress of the day fly off my shoulders with the windows down.

Blasting the music, planning dinner and looking forward to enjoying my Monday night fit perfectly into my 15 minute drive home.

After pulling into the garage I made my way up the stairs to make broccoli soup for dinner:

I sautéed onions and garlic and then added some chicken stock, broccoli and a can of chickpeas. After simmering for about 15 minutes I blended everything together and added some pepper.

Souper easy, souper quick and souper delicious!

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