Yesterday was a very big day.

It started with a delicious two part breakfast


Sunbutter and Banana while reading blogs


then my favorite lunar bar flavor (peanut butter cookie) got me through my early 7am work day

Lunch included some carrots and hummus

and some green salsa for the main course – haha – no, this was actually my broccoli soup leftover from last night (very tasty cold as well).

The important part of the day came around 3pm when I left work to get some xrays and headed to visit my surgeon to get an update. And guess what?!?


I was given the ok to leave the crutches at home and walk with my hands free! I still have to be very careful and the crutches will probably make appearances on big outings, but I have my hands back! I can get myself a glass of water, I can send out packages at work and I can walk and talk on the phone again.

It just so happened that my dad was in the bay area for business so he met me and my mom at the hospital to hear the good news.

Afterwards we brought in some dinner.

And enjoyed the each other’s company 🙂

Now it’s time to work and WALK all day long!

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