Things You Don’t Always Want To Do

I love running. And when I was able to do it at a moments notice there were always times where I had to talk myself into going for a run. Some days I would just prefer to seep in an extra hour or come straight home from work and park myself on the couch, instead of lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement.

Well now that swimming is the cardio of choice I have to do a lot more preparing than just throwing on shorts and some sneakers. I have to make sure I have my bag of goodies: swim cap, bathing suit, goggles, change of clothes, flip flops… I also have to be aware of lap lane schedules and how much time I have in my day to drive to the pool, change, swim and get clean.

This week the pool I normally use is closed for its annual cleaning and I had the option of swimming at other local pools, like one downtown. I knew that it would be easier to avoid going to a new place, out of the way, to swim, but I also knew that I would feel better if I did some laps.

So even though I literally made myself go the extra mile, it was worth it in the end. I was proud of myself for getting in a workout even though it would have been so easy to avoid. Plus the locker room had this view – so there really wasn’t too much to complain about once I got there šŸ™‚

This broken hip just happened to me and while there is no real rhyme or reason for why it happened, this is my situation and I must adjust accordingly. Even if that means that my workouts take more effort now – I can still push hard and get my heart going – I just have to commit to doing it.

What are some things recently that you knew would be good for yourself, but were not necessarily things you were inclined to do?

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