It’s Ikea Day

Who wouldn’t want to put together a whole sofa after a full day of work?

(clearly my cat is ready to jump into action to help)

I was actually excited all day to come home and put this together. I walked in the door, through down my bag and started to rip open boxes.

With my mom’s help, 2 hours and plenty of water breaks we made a pile of boxes into this:

Loves seat and chaise complete!

Go us!

Do you love or hate putting together Ikea furniture?

3 thoughts on “It’s Ikea Day

  1. Wow! It looks so cute — I’m really excited to go to Target tonight. I’m finally getting around to putting my room into the shape I want it in! Deciding where furniture goes SUCKS. Can’t wait to get tours of both your “new” places. 🙂 And show you mine! xoxoxo.

    (Also — I HATE putting together furniture. I mean — WHERE IS PIECE A AND HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT THAN SLOT A?!?)

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