The Bike

In addition to swimming I have been cleared to ride a bike. As much as I really dislike the stationary bike at the gym I have learned to embrace it as an alternative way to move my body and keep active.


In the pool you can’t listen to music or read a book so I have been taking advantage of the bike as a time where I can exercise and also relax in a way. I have made headway in my book and listened to music I haven’t heard in a long time.

Mind you, I am not pedaling at racing speed nor am I climbing the great hills of San Francisco on this bike. But I am getting a good cross training workout in and strengthening my leg muscles in ways I am not able to in the pool.

I am happy I can walk, I am happy I can swim and I am happy I am back in the gym — I have my eye on you treadmill…

What do you do on the stationary bike? How often do you use it?

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