When things aren’t going your way you have to take a moment and look around and be thankful for the things you have.

Two months ago I was only able to hop on one foot with the help of crutches, but now I am able to walk in the fall leaves.

And while running is still out of the question, I am able to swim and bike and strength train with the ultimate goal of running in mind.

I may not live near all of my loved ones, but they are always a phone call away and I feel their love every day.

There are also many things that I cannot eat because I know it will hurt my stomach, but there are many substitutes and plenty of other foods that I can eat without any concern, such as an egg breakfast full of veggies and almond cheese 🙂

And when a rough patch of life comes my way I can go for a walk to get perspective, exercise to distract my mind, call my loved ones for support and cook myself a good meal to warm my soul.

I am thankful.

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