WIAW – What I Wished I Had Eaten

Do you ever get stuck in a food rut? This week I have been making food that I have no desire to eat even after I am excited to make it. So instead of showing you food that I have eaten recently I am going to show you food I wish I had been eating instead.

For breakfast I wish I had eaten a whole jar of this peanut butter:


A hot bowl of matzah ball soup would have made me really happy at lunch time:


The only dinner anyone should ever eat is The House’s Miso Cod!


And every day would feel complete if ended with this giant cookie:


So that is what I wished I had eaten.

What are some of your favorite meals you wish you could eat right now?

8 thoughts on “WIAW – What I Wished I Had Eaten

  1. Entire jar of peanut butter for breakfast…yes, please:) I wish I would have eaten that too:) I just made some gingerbread peanut butter that was pretty fun…you just mix 1 heaping Tbsp PB+1/4 tsp cinnamon+1/8 tsp ground cloves+1/8 tsp ground ginger! Anyways, Happy WIAW:))

    1. whatisyourreturnpolicy

      Nice! Taking peanut butter to new heights! I like it. And I’d be just fine having that miso cod every night for the rest of my life.

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