WIAW – New Finds

Most of my meals throughout the week are rather repetitive due to my long work hours and workout schedule. I find that it’s just easier to cook up some of my go-to meals that I know will satisfy me instead of cooking for hours when I get home.

 However, it’s always nice to change things up with the help of some new grocery finds. One of the easiest lunches to bring to work is a salad topped with a veggie burger. I don’t always use the same brand of burger and this week I tried Gardenburger’s basic burger and it was delicious! IMG_1136And for a great snack I found this new (to me) popcorn – Yaya’s Herb and Garden Vegetable Popcorn. I could eat this entire bag easily in one sitting this popped corn is so good. IMG_1137What are some of your favorite new finds recently?

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