Over these last few days I have had a head cold, complete with sniffles, sneezes and lots of tissues. During the majority of the day I feel ok and I find it hard to steer clear of the gym without a legitimate flu excuse. I spent half an hour on the stationary bike one day and 30 minutes in the pool today to get my muscles moving but not overdoing it. But part of me felt guilty for working out with a cold. A tiny voice was distracting me with every pedal stroke on the bike saying that I should have skipped the gym and let my body rest while it fights this cold. And in the water the voice was telling me to get out of the pool ASAP and hide at home from the kiddie germs and viruses.

This cold was hardly debilitating so working out lightly those few days wasn’t a horrible idea, but sometime’s it’s hard to know when you should just stay home and skip a workout.


Here are some thoughts from the experts:

Men’s Health

Take a quiz and find out

What do you do when you feel under-the-weather but are on a workout schedule?

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