Spin Therapy

I parked the car, grabbed my gym bag and proceeded to the tag scan. I reached for a towel and did a double take. There was a stack of spin class passes for the 5:15pm class and I couldn’t look away. I have been cleared to do spin classes by my doctor and up until this point I have walked right past the classes to do my own workout on the stationary bike. But not today. Today was the day I was going to spend 45 minutes listening to a woman on a bike yell at me to climb an imaginary hill. My hand reached for the pass before my brain could talk me out of it and I proceeded to studio 2 to pick out a bike.


It was not the hardest I have ever worked in a spin class, but it might have been one of my favorites purely because my mind went completely blank and all I was thinking about was my muscles pulling the bike pedals. Today was an incredibly rough day. From setting off my office building alarm because I was the first one there, to reliving traumatic moments of my accident, all I wanted was to forget the day. Spinning in that room melted away those heavy emotions of the day and left me feeling free (well as free as I one can be on a stationary bike in a small little room in a gym).

When the class was over I was convinced it was not the same day. I felt great! I was even inspired to create an incredibly delicious meal for myself:


Chicken and broccolini cooked in balsamic vinegar and lemon with some brown rice.

It’s good to know that a free class at the gym can really turn things around. I am inspired for tomorrow and can’t wait till my next 45 minutes of spinning.

What do you do when you have “one of those days”?

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