It would be lovely to dip my toes in the warm lapping waters of the Caribbean right now, but unfortunately I do not have the money or the time to escape on that kind of weekend adventure. I can, however, explore the Bay Area and all it has to offer with the wonder and awe of a tourist.

I have lived in San Francisco for 2 and half years now and the people, scenery and atmosphere never gets old. This weekend my parents came to visit and we traversed the city and surrounding towns with the wide eyes of foreigners. There are always new places to explore and beauties to stumble upon including,

delicious food


stores with a view


and scenic lookouts

IMG_1301 twinpeaks

If you are in need of an escape just look to your backyard and turn over one stone you have never noticed before. I’m sure there is a neighborhood you have not visited, a building you never realized was of historic importance or even a patch of land you have never taken the time to appreciate. So go out and enjoy your Sunday discovering all the adventures right in front of you!

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