WIAW – Quick and Easy

I like to cook. I really do. But that doesn’t mean that I slave over a hot stove for hours with countertops of ingredients. I like to use as few ingredients as possible because the shorter the list the faster I get to eat. The simpler recipes also give me less of a chance to make a major gourmet faux pas!

For instance, I baked some simple chicken in the oven with some spices and then cooked up some bokchoy with lemon, green onions and garlic. I added some brown rice to balance out the meal and topped it with some balsamic vinegar and I was all set to eat in about half an hour. IMG_1305For dinner I was really hungry and had no intention of getting creative in the kitchen or trying to heat up something fabulous, so instead I made sure I got some protein. I cooked up some egg whites and ate them with peanut butter on rice cakes and it was delicious and satisfying! A bit odd for dinner, but I am all for eggs at any time of day and I have a long loving relationship with peanut butter, so I’m happy whenever I can work it into a meal 🙂IMG_1306What are some of your go to easy-peasy meals?

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