I’m Back

Dear Blogging World,

I apologize for my absence. It was not on purpose, nor were there any feelings of malice behind my leave, life just got in the way. That is not a good excuse as you are part of my daily living, but please forgive me for straying for so long.

Ok, ok. Yes, I failed to blog one post this week, but sometimes life happens and my fingers are just too tired to lift themselves from key to key after all that I am dealing with – work, emotional health, physical strength, responsibilities at home…

So I’m back after a mini-hiatus and ready to post away.

Unfortunately I have no new exciting recipes to share with all of you, but after some experimenting tonight I will have a new meal creation for all of you to try.

My workouts are going well at the gym. In between spinning and pilates classes I have been walking on the treadmill and doing the following core exercise I found on Pinterest.

core challenge

For me it’s hard to go to the gym and get in a good workout if I’m not taking a class where an instructor yells at me to push it harder. But I have found that finding routines online and printing them out to bring with me to the gym gives me a basis for completing a decent workout. Of course there are times where I stare at the paper and laugh refusing to do the last few sets because I’m ready to leave the gym, but most of the time I am able to find my inner gym instructor and do that last set of crunches and find the strength to do those last 5 push ups.

Do you find workouts online and actually follow through and do them?

Please pass any good ones along!

Now I’m off to enjoy a Sunday pilates class and bask in the beautiful spring like weather with a hike. But don’t worry I’ll leave enough energy to get cooking in the kitchen later 🙂

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