WIAW – some eats from the week

The past few days have been filled with delicious food – some prepared at the hands of others and some cooked chez moi.

The weekend was busy with good friends and adventures including,

some sushi

IMG_1436(Going out for sushi is never complete unless I get to enjoy a seaweed salad as well)

Some homemade cocktails


(a few beautiful views found their way into my weekend as well)


Views from the Land’s End Trail in San Francisco


A childhood indulgence to get me through Monday


some sun and a good read to nourish my body and soul on my lunch break


And a heartwarming Sunday dinner of wine, spaghetti squash and chicken

IMG_0485 _MG_0490

I marinated some chicken breasts in a plastic bag for a few hours with balsamic dressing and then cooked it in the oven. While the chicken was cooking I poked the squash with a knife several times over and then cooked it in the microwave until the outside became squishy to the touch. Then mixed the chicken, some broccoli and the shredded squash together with some pepper and a small bit of smart balance – yum!

What have you been eating?

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