WIAW – restaurant style

I have had a few visitors over the past couple of weeks and while I love cooking for guests, I certainly prefer to dine out at fun and delicious San Francisco joints. So if you ever find yourself in the bay area (especially in my neighborhood by the water) you wont be disappointed by these few favorites below:

Pacific Catch


With only a few seats, taking out is a great way to enjoy your fill of fresh fish and scrumptious sides. My favorite are the sweet potato fries, they are as sweet as candy but you feel slightly better eating them knowing that it’s a vegetable.


If you find yourself in Marin meandering around the shops in Sausalito, make your way to Fish on the water. With a great view, outdoor seating and plenty of daily catch to meet your fancy, this lunch spot is not to be missed. The fish is so good that their most popular crowd pleaser is fish over a bed of salad. The fish speaks for itself.

Ace Wasabi


Sushi. I could live on Japanese food for the rest of my life and be happy (and probably have mercury poisoning). Ace has a friendly atmosphere. It’s a neighborhood sushi joint, if one is lucky enough to have a neighborhood sushi joint.

Blue Barn


Local, farm fresh, seasonal food all dressed up in delectable salad combinations. Plus the take out box is adorable!



The name says it all. It’s unfortunate that their salsa is so delicious and they refuse to sell it by the jar. I vow every time to remember tupperware to take home my leftovers….

Please let me know when you try these places and feel free to invite me along if you’re here 😉

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