A year without running

Today, June 30th, marks the one year anniversary of a day that has forever changed my view of the world.

I have always been able to run, but I have not always been a runner. I played on team sports since I was a young lass, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse, and they all involved plenty of running, but not by choice. In college I ran 3 miles every other day to stay in shape, but always decreased my speed on the treadmill after I rounded that last bend on the virtual track. But soon enough the athletic buzz of the Bay Area caught hold of my feet and pushed me past the 5k mark.

About 2 years ago I started to run half marathons and competed in two races with surprisingly great success. I had caught the running bug and wanted to sign up for my next race as soon as my foot crossed the finish line of the current race. My first race was the first half of the San Francisco Marathon in 2011 and then I ran a half in wine country later in October. I did have to withdraw from two races due to minor injuries that left me unprepared for race day, but I was back on track and ready to race the second half of the San Francisco Marathon last July.

But one morning, after the first 3 miles of my 10 mile training run a freak act of physics displayed its power in full force and I broke my left hip by merely stepping off a curb. You are welcome to relive the journey of recovery here, here and here, but what it comes down to is a year without running and a stronger mind and body one year later.

Today I started my day with an hour and a half yoga class and ended the day with a short run by the water. I would never volunteer for the trials I was presented with last year, but I would not change my experiences and growth due to those circumstances. I am wiser, smarter and more hopeful than ever about who I am as a person and where I am going in the world in front of me.

This will not be the last time that I am knocked down, nor will it be the last time something is taken away from me, but I now know that there will always be things that you can take back and new things you can create for yourself.

Of course, every struggle welcomes support and I had the best friends and family by my side throughout it all. So thank you again to all of those near and dear to my heart who helped me crutch along, lent a shoulder to cry on and laughed with me in the face of adversity.

I am back in my running shoes and taking it slow and steady with new goals on the horizon.


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