That Time I Moved to Israel

Yes, it has been quite some time since my words have graced your screens, and yes you read correctly, I am now living in Israel. Well, truthfully I have only lived in Israel for a few hours so you are not missing any of my Middle Eastern adventures. However, a lot has happened since I last blogged:

– I amped up my running a bit and made it to 2.5 miles where it no longer felt like work but like the good old days before the accident

– Call me yogi Jordan because I am now obsessed with yoga!

– I quit my job at the board game company and spent the summer working for a PR firm representing tech companies in the Bay Area

– My boyfriend returned from medical school for the summer and turned me into a fiancée…

– So, I am now engaged!

And just today we both flew to Tel Aviv where Dave is studying medicine and I will be interning for a tech start-up.

There are plenty more adventures ahead of us that involve food, exercise, traveling, new friends and many ups and downs filling up the in betweens. Among all of this excitement is the hardship of leaving our friends and family, so I have decided to do my best to post once a day again so that I can stay more connected with my loved ones.

Nice and tired but super happy with a pile of veggies to munch on!
Nice and tired but super happy with a pile of veggies to munch on!

I can’t wait to tell you more, but after a very long 24 hours of travel it’s layla tov!

One thought on “That Time I Moved to Israel

  1. naomi sussman

    Jordan my love I find it hard to believe you are actually where you have waited to be for so long! I am thrilled for you. May all your dreams come true as have mine for you. You look so content! Big kisses and love and hugs to you and Dave. Can’t wait to hear about your great adventures to come.

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