I am Jordan Faigen, and this was the longest day of my life

1.5 TV shows watched, 45 minutes of yoga practiced, 1 sunrise watched, 2 Israeli egg breakfasts cooked to perfection, and hundreds of steps taken all before 9 a.m this morning. Let’s just say that our jet lag lacked the lagging aspect at 3:30 a.m. So with an early start we were off apartment hunting in order to find a place all of our own.

We started with phone calls around 9 a.m. and ended the day at 9:30 p.m. after we walked out of our 6th and last apartment showing of the day. We saw a bunch of potential homes where we envisioned ourselves living out our days in Tel Aviv, but we are holding out for a few more treasures tomorrow morning.

Of course, while traversing the heat blanketed city we got up to a few shenanigans of our own…

Baby popsicles were eaten

Travel size anyone?
Travel size anyone?

Magicians performed illusions right at our dinner table

(For real – check out Magic Matan here)

Smoothies were devoured

Sipping Smoothie

(banana, coconut, pineapple – yum!)

And my eyes certainly got a work out digesting the sights as we found our way through the city searching for a place to call home.

Now it’s time to close those eyes and rest those poor feet that survived the pounding of the pavement, until early tomorrow when the hunt continues!

Layla Tov 🙂

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