A Typical Day

It has been almost two weeks since my relocation to Israel and no two days have been alike. From the moment we landed we have been on the go, finding a new place, moving and settling in, and only just now is some semblance of normal finding its way into the everyday.

I started the intensive hebrew studying today and after the Jewish New Year I will combine the start of my internship with these studies.

For now my day consists of some living room-style vinyasa flow:


(My home studio has plenty of room for fellow yogis, so come on over!)

Once I am all stretched out and centered I take a long stroll around the neighborhood.

The gathering below of families happened on Saturday morning. The kids were cooling themselves off in the public fountain and were loving every minute of cold respite. They were ADORABLE!!


And then it’s time to get down to business for 4 hours practicing Hebrew!


Granted these days are fairly light with activity, and soon that will all change once I integrate my internship, commuting and more social activities into the day. But for now I am soaking up these atypical days.

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