Happy New Year

Yes, Happy New Year!! Today (in Israel) is the first day of the new Jewish year. It is a time to reflect on the past year and prepare for the year ahead, contemplating actions, dreams and feelings. It’s amazing the amount of things that happen during a year and last year was a pretty full one for me. I persevered through rehabilitation, I mastered living alone, I saw friends and family who I had not seen in quite some time, I got engaged and I moved to another country!

Obviously those are just a few highlights, but it’s amazing to take a glance back at things that were accomplished and get excited about all of the things to come in the near future. Already in my new home I have tested the waters, literally in the swimming pool:


I have eaten out at delicious restaurants:


I have cooked and juiced to my heart’s content:


And I have hosted my first Rosh Hashanah dinner:


I know that there are hardships that come with every new year and while I am already experiencing some of those now, I know that that are more to come that I cannot anticipate. And so I wish for the new year that when those hard times arise I will stay strong and accept them each as a challenge. And that in moments of weakness I refrain from relying on cattiness, anger or jealousy to deal with the situation.

I also know that with any new year comes a chance for new adventures, fun and so much joy. And I wish for all of you (whether you are taking the time to celebrate the new year or not) a healthy, happy and exciting year of growth and learning.

Have a sweet new year!


And congratulations on a chance to take a step in the direction of your choosing on the first day of this new year in your journey of life.


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