Checking In

Sometimes I forget that I’m no longer in America. Tel Aviv has the buzz of New York, the accessibility of San Francisco and the coast of LA (but better of course), and I feel as comfortable as I would be in my home country. But then there are those moments, those still frames that ooze the reality of Israel and I am reminded of where I really am.

To begin with, I have never lived 7 minutes from the beach where I can take a book beach-side and then go for a refreshing dip in warm water.


Then there is the extremely fresh produce. My tuna salad has never tasted so good on top of a bed of cucumbers and tomatoes.


And cats!! So many cats roam the streets. Some of them are hard to resist.


Plus there is always the unique way movers take care of extra furniture in your apartment.


Yes, these pictures capture two men hauling a couch out of my third story window in order to move it out of my apartment. IMG_1969


( Hard to tell but they did manage to bring the couch to the ground safely. Notice all of the cushions strewn about the sidewalk? Thank goodness this is not my couch)

Being in a new city where I feel right at home is great, but I also appreciate those eye-opening moments that remind me of my big adventure in a far away land.

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