Ice Bath

I just completed my third weekend of yoga teacher training and I am more flexible, more knowledgeable and beyond exhausted.

I have always appreciated my body, whether it was hand eye coordination in lacrosse or endurance during my half marathons. Over these past few weekends I have been pushing my body to find its new “edge” in my yoga asana practice and I am amazed at how far I have come in just under a month.

My body has been working hard to stretch, fold and twist, and it’s always nice to repay yourself with a little R&R. But then there are those times where a simple hot shower to soothe the body is just out of reach.

Yup, that’s right. I have had two hard days of yoga practice and only ice cold showers to rinse away the sweat of the day. What does one do when they need a little warmth when their hot water is broken? Why a bucket of kettle boiled water of course!

no hot water
Filling a bucket with warm water to use in the “shower”

I hope you are all finding ways to stay warm this winter. And please cross your fingers for me that my hot water is fixed sooner than later…

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