Go-to Cook Book

For the most part, I don’t follow recipes. This is why I am not the best baker. I don’t like to sift flour, measure to the gram, or wait for things to rise or set. This I leave to the finace, Dave. Really, he won’t even let me near the kitchen when he starts to bake.

On the other hand, when you cook a stir fry you don’t have to worry how precisely you dice the onion or if you add extra snow peas or leave out eggplant. You can create and adjust the flavors and textures as you go.

However, there are times where I do like some guidance for new recipes. And the first place I go is Ottolenghi. This middle eastern chef writes beautiful cook books that are easy on the eyes and the taste buds.

While I’m on the cleanse I decided to look through his vegetarian-themed cook book, Plenty More. I went for his miso glazed vegetables and black rice. Plenty of veggies cooked in mirin, red miso paste and soy sauce, topped with a dressing of toasted peanuts, agave, sesame oil and sesame seeds. All over a bed of black rice.


Eating a dinner full of vegetables just makes you feel like a healthier, better person.

However, I will admit even on the cleanse I am still indulging in some popcorn here or there.


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