Cleanse Check-In

Yesterday officially marked week number 2 of 3 of my cleanse. The first week I got rid of flour and sugar and to be perfectly honest I don’t really miss them.

Every once and a while I crave a sweet treat after dinner. But I think it’s more about snacking while being in front of the TV relaxing, not about wanting to eat something sweet in particular.

Starting on Friday I cut out all animal related products. In my daily diet I already steer clear of dairy and red meat, so for me this challenge includes avoiding eggs, fish and poultry.

The only trouble that I have run into so far is eggs. I love eggs. Today we went out to brunch in NYC to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and I couldn’t indulge in any of the egg options. However, I was able to find a spinach and faro salad on the menu and I was more than pleased with this meal.

Having started the cleanse 9 days ago, I am feeling better about what I am eating and I am enjoying trying out new habits like juicing and indulging in vegan options.

I am excited to cook some vegan dinners this week and I will be sure to post them right here.

Stay tuned for a veggie frenzy.

Wishing everyone a great week!

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