Savoring the Moment

As an avid yoga-goer, and teacher, I am used to hearing the mantra of being in the moment before, during and after class.

The idea of being fully present is incredibly important in yoga, but simply mentioning it or listening to this statement does not make it happen.

Tonight I took a yin yoga class. This is a restorative yoga practice where you hold stretches for long periods of time. During the class you are almost forced to be in the moment because you can’t go anywhere. You are not rapidly moving from one pose to the next, nor are you powering through feats of strength to challenge your practice. You are simply stretching, breathing deeply, and noting how your body feels.

It’s important to stretch and strengthen the body through the physical asanas, but it’s just as important to stretch and strengthen your commitment to your mental practice.

I love being reminded to live in the moment because 2016 is a particularly busy year for me and I want to savor every experience before it passes by.

This includes last night’s wonderful birthday bowling extravaganza. We celebrated my sister’s birthday with 30 of her closest friends, and of course our family, bowling in NYC. It was wonderful to be together to celebrate her birthday after being abroad for the past two years. It was so special to be with her and her friends, seeing her so happy and having so much fun.

So I invite you to take a step back in your daily errands, during a family event, or even when you’re just spending an evening with friends, and savor the moment before you head into the future and the present becomes the past.




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