Cleansing the Vegan Way

I have avoided dairy since I discovered my severe sensitivity to the food group back in High School. And while I also do not eat red meat, I do love a good chicken noodle soup, slices of turkey and sushi.

During this second week of the cleanse we are supposed to adopt a vegan-based diet. So no dairy. Not a problem. And no animal products. A bit of a problem because fowl and fish are a significant part of my diet (and I think they taste good).

However, I have fully embraced this chance to try out a vegan diet and I went out and bought a few beautiful vegan cookbooks to inspire me.

Tonight for dinner I made zucchini noodles from the Rawsome Vegan Cookbook by Emily von Euw.


The recipe called for two garlic cloves, but I think the whole family is wishing I had started out with half of one. Despite the overwhelming garlic breath after the meal, the dish was delicious and simple to make.

No cooking either! I went the extra mile and jumped straight to a meal completely comprised of raw food.

So far I am enjoying discovering a new way to eat and adding new recipes to my repertoire.

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