Yesterday got away from me because I was busy hanging out with some of my dearest friends. I was too busy enjoying my vacation away from technology, trading in my cell phone and computer to traverse the bay area landscapes.

To make up for yesterday’s lack of a post I will post twice today.

Starting with a checkin on my cleanse away from the comforts of my own home.

As many of you know, the food scene in San Francisco cannot be beat. So I decided that I would not deprive myself of the delicious sushi and other animal products that are unique to this city.

Despite the few times that I have indulged in fish I have not had any eggs, dairy, fowl or red meat. Plus, I have been incorporating as many fruit and veggie drinks as I can.

Including when I was out and about:


And when I had a chance to make something from scratch:


I only have a few more hours here in my old home, so I will head back to the land sans technology and post more towards the end of the day.

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