Vegan Delights

I love the taste of coffee. However, it tends to hurt my stomach and any caffeine during the day will ruin my night’s sleep. So, unfortunately, a morning cup a joe or an afternoon cappuccino from Starbucks is out of the question.

On occasion, when I am craving some sort of hot drink I turn to decaf almond chai tea. Not very many coffee shops will make chai with almond milk (I’m allergic to soy milk), but sometimes you can get lucky.

When in doubt, I just make it at home.
Heat up some almond milk of your choice and then steep two decaf chai tea bags until you reach the desired strength.


For dinner, I cooked up a quick batch of buckwheat noodles with some raw spinach and carrots. I topped this colorful meal with some avocado and sesame seeds, and dressed it with a homemade miso and ginger sauce.


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