Spring is Just Around the Corner

Like most people, when February comes around I am eager for Spring to already arrive.

I’m tired of wearing coats, scarves and gloves.

We had our big snow and that was enough snow to last me until next winter.

But as always, I am trying to not rush ahead. I am trying to appreciate right now and live in the moment before the present becomes a distant memory.

So today, while I was walking the dog and pining for warmer weather, I looked down and saw this:


A beautiful spring flower popping up through the remains of the blizzard.

Then I noticed that it wasn’t as cold as it could be for this time of year. And I appreciated that the snow was melting and making it easier to walk on the sidewalk. And that the sun was shining warming my gloveless hands.

On the one hand, for this time of year, it could be close to freezing with a windchill dragging the temperature into the negative numbers. But today, while it was still chilly, I was not suffocating under a down coat and scarf. I could walk for an hour and not have to rush into a heated room to warm up my ears.

Spring will be here soon and then we will be in the throws of the summer heat, yearning for this wintery, but pleasant day.


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