Taking a Moment to Pause

I started with Yoga at 7:30am teaching an Ashtanga class and then I ended my day with Yoga at 7:30pm taking a yoga class. In between I managed to sneak in a nice long nap and teach another yoga class, this time Vinyasa.

As someone who used to identify as a runner, it’s nice to pause for a moment and realize how far I have come.

At one point in my life I thought I would never even try yoga. One broken hip and a few years of coming to terms with my new normal later, I am a certified yoga teacher and a strong practitioner.

Never in my life would I have guessed that I would end up here. But that is one of the many joys of this adventure called life. It has been a wonderful practice in patience, physical and mental strength, and conquering fears.

I am so lucky to have found something that I love to do and love to share with others. I can’t wait to see where this particular journey takes me.


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