Too quiet to sleep

I know that I said I would keep you posted about my retreat while I was there. But, the wireless was not as strong as I had expected and I was not able to access my blog while I was away.

It was actually incredibly nice to not be hooked into my electronics while enjoying the sounds of the ocean and the warm breeze.

The trip was incredibly therapeutic and a delightful break from the schedule of the studio and daily errands. There was plenty of time for asana practice, meditation and breathing. Plus some time to spend by the beach to enjoy the sun and the lapping waves.

The whole trip I was waiting for a big release of emotions or a breaking down of walls I didn’t know I had up. As the days wore on more and we looked deeper inside ourselves more and more people were shedding tears as they came to these epiphanies in their lives.

At first I was disappointed that I hadn’t cried or felt a weight of some-sort lifted. But then I came to my own realization. I was perfectly content. This is the first time that I can remember in my life being perfectly happy with my body, how I relate to others, my yoga practice and the other practices in my daily life.

And it felt good.

Even better than g00d – GREAT!

I have worked hard to be where I am today (just take a look through my past blog posts).

I am not sorry or embarrassed that I feel this way and I am certainly incredibly proud of myself.

Last night I snuggled under the covers with a smile on my face, only to realize that the sounds of the waves were missing and it was almost too quiet to fall asleep. So I guess I will have to relive the peace and tranquility through these pictures and my memories.


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