My legs are restless.

They last through my morning walks to work, my mid-day yoga practice and my evening strolls back home.

But occasionally, just as I am settling in on the couch to relax after dinner my restless leg syndrome literally kicks in. I can’t sit calmly without a sensation in my legs where I am compelled to move them.

So with that, I am off to bed to put my restless legs in their place.

Feel free to pass along any suggestions you might have from your own experiences!


2 thoughts on “Restless

  1. Ruth

    Hey Jordan! It’s Ruth Q. from PHS. Been following your blog for a while — it’s such a great space! I have restless legs too and I find that the things that help most are a little stretching right before bed, compression socks, and leg massages. I have a little ball roller thing that helps reasonably when the husband isn’t around. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks Ruth! I hope you are doing well! These are great ideas. I’ve tried massages but I haven’t tried compression socks. Great idea!!! Sending my best 🙂

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