Starting the year on the right pedal

After a low-key celebration last night. Which really means falling asleep before midnight. I woke up early, hopped on my bike and went to a 9am spin class. That’s right, I’m an over-achiever.


I have recently fallen back in love with spin classes. During my recovery period, spinning and swimming were my only forms of exercise. And eventually I had to step away and give myself a break from the routine of instructors and rides. Over the past few months I have been craving more cardio, and with running out of the question, I turned back to the bike.

I head to the spin studio once or twice a week to get my fix of heart thumping endurance and then it’s back to the mat to stretch it out in yoga during the off days.

It’s a treat for me to be able to push myself to my limit with the comfort of knowing that I am moving safely and consciously on the bike. And who doesn’t love that satisfaction of knowing they had a great workout before 10am 🙂


Happy New Year’s Day!


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