Personal Practice

I love the fact that you are constantly learning in yoga. I try to take different types of classes throughout my neighborhood and manhattan whenever I can so that I can continue to add to my knowledge of yoga asana and philosophy.

However, then there are those days where I don’t feel like heading out to a class, or there isn’t one that works with my schedule, and so I stay home and do my own self practice.

This normally consists of setting up in my bedroom, with a mat, candles and some music. Then I will simply move through a sequence as it comes to me, stretching and flexing as I feel I need to in that moment. It’s a very liberating feeling to move without an instructor dictating a vinyasa. There is no plan, there is no peak pose. It’s just me and the mat.

If you have never just gotten on your mat and moved I highly recommend it. I promise you that no one is watching, so feel free to make funny faces, fall out of poses and make mistakes. That’s all part of it.


PS. no need to have actual yoga blocks. Books work great too!

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