Playing Hookie

The day was just too beautiful to sit inside in front of a computer screen.

I did go to the office and enjoy a bag full of cereal and sliced almonds while responding to emails and working on website issues.

And then I checked out for the day to spend the afternoon with my Dad visiting for business from NJ!

We walked around our neighborhood and enjoyed the warm sun and clear skies. I love living in San Francisco but it is hard living across the country from my family in Princeton, NJ. We are a very close family and I am so lucky to have such loving parents and the best younger sister someone could ask for.  When we do get to see each other I try to enjoy every moment I can spend with them and stretch out the minutes as long as possible. We try to see each other every few months but it is never for as long as I would like. Even though it was a short get together it was fabulous to see my dad. He is an incredible man and one of my heroes 🙂

Anyone else live far away from their immediate family? How do you cope?

To get you through the day before Friday – enjoy:

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