nickles and dimes – also known as CHANGE

Sunday’s are reserved for moving slower, taking care of errands and lounging in the evening.

I did take care of errands, like going to the market, and I did lounge in the evening, but the moving slowly part did not happen.

I woke up and ran 5 miles in the beautiful spring sun – but I was so sore from yesterday’s workout in the park! I’m sure my legs and glutes would have preferred that I took the day off, but I was determined to run 5 miles this weekend. Foam rolling was the prize at the finish line.

Sunday’s are also a day to mentally prepare for the week ahead.

This week is special because it is my last few days working for the non-profit I have been apart of for the past 2 years. This time next Monday I will be leaving the non-profit world for the corporate sector, starting a brand new job for a board game company.

I have loved working for my non-profit since the day I started as an intern, but it’s time for a new challenge and the next step in my professional career. It is not easy to leave the comfort of my position that I currently hold and even harder to leave the friends I have made in the office. I will of course always hold a special place in my heart for the memories I have made and use all of my experience to fuel my success in my new position.

While my office hours will be longer starting next week, I will of course continue my dedication to healthy living.

I am not sure what doors and windows this new job will offer me, but I am excited to take the plunge. For now I am closing up shop in my old office and focusing on running, because I just signed up for the second half of the San Francisco Marathon!

How do you prepare for the week ahead?

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