Sure am SORE

The temperature is on the rise here in San Francisco, so a smoothie was in order for Monday’s breakfast. I had finished my bag of frozen mango the other day and had to resort to a treasure hunt for other frozen fruit in the depths of the ice box, but I was successful! With the frozen rasberries and blueberries that I found I made a berry protein smoothie.

Inside this incredibly foul looking container (sorry guys)  is a delicious blend of rasberries, blueberries, one banana, vanilla protein powder and almond milk.

I was also hoping that this smoothie would somehow also cool down my muscles. Ever since my Saturday Workout in the Park my glutes and legs have been on fire. I am so SORE! As difficult as it has been to walk comfortably and sit down gracefully (holding back squeals of pain), I enjoy feeling sore. It’s nice, every once in a while, to wake up with tender muscles, exhausted from the previous day’s workout.

I thought I was going to have to bail on my pilates class Monday evening because I was hobbling around, but going ended up being the best thing for my body. All of the stretching and controlled movements helped to ease my muscles and relax the tightness throughout my legs.

I know with time this soreness will subside, but until then I will continue to stretch, foam roll and whine just a little bit when I have to walk up stairs 😉

How do you deal with sore muscles?

3 thoughts on “Sure am SORE

  1. vegancharlie

    OMG I love the blender bottle I throw a protein shake in mine and shake it while running to class. Best invention hands down!

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