It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

My new office is in a completely different part of the city, and while I miss my last downtown office location, the Mission is another great area of San Francisco to get to know.

On my break I went for a nice long walk, meandering in and out of side streets, when I happened upon this gem.

The Rainbow Grocery is a local coop and it has one of the largest bulk food sections I have ever seen! They have aisle after aisle of organic products, gluten free bread, sugar free treats, nut free items, you name it, including an entire section devoted to non-dairy milk! Needless to say I felt at home in this newly found neighborhood joint and I am excited to do my next food shop here. Let’s just say if you want a specialty food item let me know and I can hook you up 😉

Even though I didn’t have any Rainbow Grocery goodies Wednesday morning I was still able to enjoy an egg white omelet with “fake” cheese

and this baby banana for a mid morning snack

Rainbow Grocery is a good bus ride away, but at least my ride home has a great view.

I’m ready for my weekend, but I guess I can stomach one more day before Friday if I know I have Monday off. Keep up the great work everyone, just one more day – we can do it!

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