Sleep is for the weak

Let’s just say it was an early early Sunday morning and sleep was not on the menu. The 4am wake up call left me plenty of time to drive Dave and our friend Jacob to the starting line of the Aids Life Cycle ride, where over 2,500+ road bikers ride from San Francisco to LA in a week.

After wishing the riders well I drove home and went about my day with pilates, lunch and errands.

I was exhausted by the early afternoon and crashed for the rest of the day on the couch watching girly movies and moving from the kitchen, to the couch, to the bathroom. Hey, no judgements, that’s what Sunday afternoons are for 🙂

Dinner was nothing fancy but it was truly delicious. I sauteed up some kale from the farmer’s market, tossed in some broccoli, left-over quinoa from earlier in the week and topped it with pasta sauce.

Time to start another full week. Here we go…

One thought on “Sleep is for the weak

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