Monday Morning Jitters

Does anybody else find a few butterflies in there tummy when they crawl into bed Sunday night or when you are brushing your teeth Monday morning? While I am still getting my sea legs at my new job I definitely find that I start to feel slightly anxious after the weekend, thinking that I forgot to take care of something or that I will come in and open my email and have an inbox full of impossible tasks. I know that with time I will feel more confident walking into work on Monday but for now I just try to distract myself by making breakfasts, like this one:

a little more than 1/4 cup of 9 grain cereal cooked with 3/4 of almond milk, thrown into an almost empty sun butter jar 🙂

Thankfully the buses that were running off schedule and ruining my commute last week are now back on track and it made getting to work and leaving work so much more pleasant.

I made it home with time to head to the gym and run 4 miles and then cook myself an egg dish for dinner.

One whole egg, 1/4 of egg whites, sauteed kale and a strip of facon from morningstar farms – of course this was eaten with ketchup 🙂

Anyone else get nervous before the start of a new week?

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