Putting it All Together

I am hosting a special visitor for a little while…my mom!

And in honor of her arrival we went to Ikea. Well the real reason is I have been living in the same place for over two years with the same Craigslisted furniture and it’s about time I upgrade.

So we made our way to the land of DIY furniture nice and early and picked out plenty of goodies.

Look at all that parking!!

My exercise for the day was crutching around here for 4 hours!

After plenty of shopping then it was time to go home to see if all the parts were in each box and figure out how everything goes together.

Needless to say it was a busy and exhausting day and I could definitely use another day of  the weekend. But at least when I come home tonight I will have some new goodies in my apartment and my mom!

One thought on “Putting it All Together

  1. Michael Cruickshank

    I hope you appreciate this woman and all that she has done for you! Please tell her to email me if she throws her back out putting all that stuff together.

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