Baby It’s Cold Outside

Even here in sunny California the winter cold has set in. Granted snow is not in the forecast where I live in San Francisco, but it still gets quite chilly. Turning the heat on is the obvious choice for keeping warm in these weather conditions, however as a girl on a budget, the heat is used sparingly. Plus there are so many additional ways to keep warm:

1. Work out!

Go to the gym and create your own heat. Even use the gym’s sauna to prolong your sweating.

2. Drink and eat hot items.

I can always be seen with a cup of hot water warming my hands and with an electric kettle warm liquids are only a few minutes away.

3. Take advantage of your cuddly friends.

Yup, my cat. She is a companion, entertainment and a source of warmth.

4. My favorite part of my apartment – my bed!

Not only is the duvet super warm but investing in a heated mattress pad is the bet thing I have ever done. Just turn it on half an hour before bed and you never have to feel the icy cold of nighttime sheets.

How do you stay warm during the colder months?

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