Pats on the Back

It’s 7am and the sun is up and driving to work is somewhat pleasant when I don’t have to drag myself out of the apartment in the dark.

But then it’s 5:30pm and the daylight is gone and I am tired, with no motivation to exercise. I have to tell myself over and over that I will feel better if I go to the gym or swim in the pool, and sometimes I even have to trick myself and drive past my street so I can’t turn back and must drive on to workout.

But I must say, even though the colder weather and darkness chip away at my motivation, as soon as I start working out I feel great. I am so proud of myself when I have completed my workout, knowing that I have done something good for my body, my recovery and my mental health.

Here I am after a good hard swim last night.

So remember that you are not alone in struggling to get your workout in. It happens to the best of us. And when you do get that heart rate up and sweat going you should take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Do you find it’s harder to workout in the winter?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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