Compliments can go a long way

When I used to run with the San Francisco Road Runners I was complimented by a fellow runner on my running form. Following his flattering observation I ran with more confidence and pride. I even ran a little faster with an extra hop in my step. It felt great to be recognized for something I was doing well, especially when it was something I had assumed no one else noticed.

The other day I was complimented on my posture in my spinning class by my instructor. She didn’t have to approach me before class and talk about how well I held myself, but she took a moment and gave me the compliment. And to be honest, it felt really good! Because I can’t run at the moment I am working hard to excel in the things that I can do, and knowing that I look like a biker affirms that I am reaching my fitness goals.


Compliments can come in many forms: A stranger stopping you on the street to tell you they like your shoes, a friend telling you they really enjoyed the cookies you baked or a coworker acknowledging that you did a great job on that presentation. In whatever form they take, compliments feel good. So my challenge to you today is to go out there and give two people compliments. It’s Friday and everyone deserves to end their week on a good note.

Happy Friday and Happy Complimenting!

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