March: a Month of Meditation

March first. The first day, of the third month of the year. What better day than today to start a monthly challenge? I have decided that March shall be the month where I practice yoga every single day. This doesn’t mean that I will be spending hours each day bound in warrior two, but I will spend at least 15 minutes a day on my yoga mat.

The Tel Aviv Marathon happened yesterday, and while I was happy that all the runners had the perfect temperature to run in and plenty of sun, I was also jealous. Jealous that I could not be one of of those runners enjoying the crowd and running past the finish line. Yesterday I was mourning my loss of long-distance running, but today is a new day. It is March first, and it is the first day of the third month of the year, and it is the day I start a physical challenge that I can safely practice and enjoy.

Some days I will have time to attend an actual yoga class, other days I might just follow an online-class, and some days yoga might just be a way to cool down and stretch after a spin or elliptical workout. This challenge, while great exercise, will also give me a chance to reflect and meditate on the important things that I sometimes take for granted in this life. Walking, while seemingly mindless, might have been a life-long struggle had I not recovered from my accident as well as I did. Running might have been totally out of the question, as opposed to the occasional 4 miles I sometimes indulge in now. And chronic pain might hinder my daily routine, whereas now, pain is an occasional sore muscle from a good workout session.

So, I put the challenge to you readers. Will you set aside a few minutes each day to bend, stretch and balance, both your body and your soul? I imagine that everyone could take a moment to appreciate what they are capable of doing and so give a month of meditation a chance.

Good luck and Namaste 🙂

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