Long Distance

Raise your hand if you have been in a romantic relationship.

Raise your hand if that romantic relationship was a long distance relationship or at some point turned into a long distance relationship.

Raise your hand if you have stayed in this relationship long distance on and off over the past 8 years.

Well, I am definitely sitting here with my hand raised. Somehow time has flown by and for eight years my husband to be and myself have continued our loving relationship long distance from Australia to the US, Boston to San Francisco, the US to Israel and now New Jersey to California.

There is a light at the end of this long distance tunnel, and this time next year we will be living together again and settled. However, being apart is never easy and there is no one formula that works for everyone.

All I can say is that when you are living far apart from your partner, the times that you do get to spend together can be pretty magical. Just this past weekend I visited Dave out in San Francisco (where we used to live together for a few years), and we could not have asked for a better weekend together.

When you are separated for whatever circumstances, once you get to reunite it’s almost as if the rest of the world stops and all that matters is the two of you. Ok, so I probably stole that feeling/image from a million romantic comedies, but it’s a perfect description for what happens when you are reunited.

Just look at the smile on my face and you can tell.


For all of you long distance lovers out there throughout the globe I wish you the best of luck as a you continue your relationships. Whenever it gets rough just hold onto those magical moments together and send your partner some love.

It Only Took 28 Years

Well, to be honest, for the first three it would have been impossible to hold a golf club let alone swing it. However, now that I am reaching the end of my twenties (oy, where did the time go), I have finally given into my father’s passion for golf.

Believe it or not the first time I really swung a golf club was in Israel on a company outing to a golf course. After besting some of the guys I figured once I returned to the US I would honor my father’s request to join him on the driving range.


Even though I am still in my younger years, I have learned a very important life lesson early on: never say never. If you want, I can provide plenty of examples such as, I’ll never run a half marathon. Oh wait that happened – twice. I’ll never move to Israel. Oh yeah there was that time I lived there for two years and became a citizen.

So now, the girl who said she would never like golf is the proud owner of her own set of golf clubs!


I am still working on connecting with the ball consistently, aiming my putter with accuracy, and learning the etiquette of the game. But, there’s still time to incorporate a little of my own true passion into the sport too.


I’ll see ya out there on the links!

Remember Me?

I’m embarrassed to say that it has been so long since I last posted on my dear blog that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to even create a new blog post.

So, if you’ve forgotten, this is me:
IMG_3055And while I am still Israeli, I am no longer living in Israel. I recently moved back to the states and life’s big adventure is still going strong.

I am busy working, teaching yoga, planning my wedding and having some fun along the way.


Of course, this return home has been accompanied by some major transitions physically, culturally and emotionally. I created a whole life in Tel Aviv, complete with a career, a comfortable home and loving friends. It has been incredibly hard to leave all of that behind. But, at the same time, it has also been incredibly wonderful to be reunited with family back here in the US.

Many times when I teach a yoga class I open by asking everyone to come to the front of their mats, close their eyes, breath in and out and let all of their past thoughts slip away. However, sometimes there are those days where you need to feel the past. So, before I head to bed tonight, I will take some deep breaths and summon the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the smell of the ocean spray and the comfort of so many great times on the streets and beaches of Tel Aviv.

Ice Bath

I just completed my third weekend of yoga teacher training and I am more flexible, more knowledgeable and beyond exhausted.

I have always appreciated my body, whether it was hand eye coordination in lacrosse or endurance during my half marathons. Over these past few weekends I have been pushing my body to find its new “edge” in my yoga asana practice and I am amazed at how far I have come in just under a month.

My body has been working hard to stretch, fold and twist, and it’s always nice to repay yourself with a little R&R. But then there are those times where a simple hot shower to soothe the body is just out of reach.

Yup, that’s right. I have had two hard days of yoga practice and only ice cold showers to rinse away the sweat of the day. What does one do when they need a little warmth when their hot water is broken? Why a bucket of kettle boiled water of course!

no hot water

Filling a bucket with warm water to use in the “shower”

I hope you are all finding ways to stay warm this winter. And please cross your fingers for me that my hot water is fixed sooner than later…


Happy New Year!

In lieu of a 2014 wrap up post, I will do a 2014 wrap up long sentence:

2014 was the year I became an Israeli citizen, I saw some of the most important people in my life when I went home to the states for vacation, I took a big career leap, played tour guide to my parents who came to visit and lived through a war. Yup, it was quite a year.

2015 has already kicked off with a major milestone. I took a big leap into deepening my connection with yoga by starting my first yoga teacher training class. Over the next 4 months I will be stretching, breathing and downward-dogging, as a complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Since my accident, yoga has been an outlet for my exercise needs. But yoga has also turned into a vital form of mental therapy and a way of life.

I am up for this big challenge and excited to see where my yoga journey takes me. If you have completed a course, of if you are in the middle of a course right now, I would love to hear your reflections.

I hope everyone’s 2015 is off to a great start!


Yoga Inititation


That perfect recipe

I am not a baker. I am not one to take the time to get out the sifter to properly sift the flour. Nor am I the type of person who uses the 1/2 cup measuring cup when I already have a perfectly good (just used) 1 cup measuring cup from which I can just eyeball 1/2 a cup.

That being said, I still enjoy baking and most of my creations turn out to be enjoyable. Lately I have been on a banana bread kick due to the fact that I keep buying bananas but fail to eat them before they are past their prime. Over the last few weeks I have tried several different recipes from the internet and family members and today I think I found a real winner.

It’s the simplest of the recipes that I came across, and it doesn’t involve any sour cream. (Before this little baking streak i didn’t even know you could put sour cream in banana bread.)

So if you’re looking for an easy way to use up your old bananas and enjoy a sweet treat, try your hand at this banana bread recipe.

As they say in Israel, (be’te-avon) בתיאבון!

banana bread #1

That movie with Keira Knightly

You know. That one with that famous green dress? Atonement?

Yes, that is the name of the film, and also another name for yesterday. In Judaism yesterday’s holiday is known as the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), the holiest day of the year. This is the day we reflect on all the things we are sorry for doing and atone and repent for these transgressions. As part of the tradition Jews across the world fast for 25 hours.

But, in the Jewish homeland there is also a tradition that people actually look forward to on this day. Ta Da! No cars!

Screen shot 2014-10-04 at 9.42.00 PM Yup. Not only are our stomachs without food, but the roads are without motorized vehicles. The whole country shuts down and people take to the streets.

Take a look:



I hope everyone observing had an easy fast. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!